Outstanding! DUETTE® honeycomb pleated blinds win the Plus X Award

The DUETTE® honeycomb pleated blinds have been distinguished with the renowned Plus X Award. The sought-after seal of approval is awarded in seven different categories. Many products receive the seal for two or three fields; the DUETTE® honeycomb pleated blinds have even been able to convince the jury in five categories: Innovation, High Quality, Design, Functionality and Ecology. These advantageous factors have allowed DUETTE® Honeycomb Pleated Blinds to be awarded the title of “Best Product of 2016 / 2017” in the Accessories category.

Innovative sun and privacy protection convinces the jury in five categories

“We are very proud of this extensive distinction. It is a wonderful confirmation of the uniquely high quality and the great visual appeal of DUETTE® honeycomb pleated blinds. We feel honoured by all five awards, but are particularly delighted about the distinction in the Ecology category, as it emphasises the energy-saving potential inherent to our sun and privacy protection system,” Friedrich W. explains. Petrat, Managing Director of Hunter Douglas Components.

DUETTE® fabrics are marked with the DUETTE® Energy Label. It tells you at a glance to what extent the fabric can save heating energy, block heat from the sun and soundproof the room. The DUETTE® Energy Label is based on results of studies carried out by Fraunhofer IBP (Fraunhofer IBP study ESB-004/2011 HOKI and IBP report S 10349). These studies confirm that DUETTE® honeycomb pleated blinds reduce heat loss at the window by up to 46 % and save up to 51 % of heating energy. “This is one of many advantages that characterise our DUETTE® honeycomb pleated blinds, and now, the Plus X Award emphasises it once again. The award also motivates us to continue setting trends in the industry and developing technological innovation for the DUETTE® brand,” Petrat explains. This includes the DUETTE® energy calculator, which determines in a few simple steps how much you can personally save on heating.