Scenario: workplace The Gardinia “Magic Screen” roller blind ensures perfect lighting for your home office

Creativity flourishes best in an inspiring atmosphere. While some have the best ideas among an orderly chaos of books, others need a large, tidy desk to let his thoughts flow free. Working from your own home office desk is a great alternative for everyone involved, allowing you to balance family and career. The disintegration of traditional family structures has not only made rooms melt into each other, it has also encouraged companies to create new forms of co-working. And our modern, knowledge-based society encourages individuals more than ever to contemplate, communicate, read and obtain information.
Companies and architects have made these new requirements their tasks, and the home office became a free space for creative activity.

Besides the essentials – desk, storage space and work surfaces –, lighting has a major impact on working atmosphere. Daylight is without a doubt the best source of energy and we recommend taking maximum advantage of it. Whether you prefer a home office with a stylish factory ambiance or a cosy work space with your favourite decorations is up to you – as long as it keeps you productive. Your choice of window decoration and the additional light sources on the desk will determine whether you are free of screen glares throughout the day and year. Especially in your own office, it is important to prevent unwelcome glimpses while simultaneously staying able to look outside. An ideal place for a modern, professional privacy screen: not only is it attractive and easily installed, it also subtly ensures that the lighting in your space is just right. A special weaving technique gives the “Magic Screen” roller blind two particular talents: it prevents the room from heating up and your screen from reflecting the sunlight. While the sun skilfully shines an inviting light onto your work space, your thoughts and gazes are free to allow themselves a break and wander outside every now and then. Neither drills nor screws are necessary for the installation of the blind. Instead, it is glued or clamped directly onto the window sash. Just as befits a true professional, “Magic Screen” comes pre-assembled and ready to take its place at your window. In such a beautifully (and easily!) shaded environment, ideas are free to flow and work@home gets a dedicated space waiting for your successful performance.

A clear view of your screen does not need to be the sole privilege of your working space. Even in the kitchen or living room, your bedroom or that of your children – wherever there is work, TV or play happening –, “Magic Screen” is the perfect window decoration. Its attractive colours and patterns create a visually inspiring environment for your laptop and television.