Swedish Moments

Summer houses by the water, girls with garlands in their hair, white vintage furniture mixed with pastel shades evoking delightful sensations of Nordic Joie de vivre.

Imagining the idyll of an island without water in front of the door may be difficult but recreating the bright atmosphere and maritime lightness of a Scandinavian country house anywhere just needs a few stylish elements.

With the privacy screen systems designed by the Swedish designer Therese Danielsson, for example. Her use of soft colours and subtle patterns on roller blinds, pleated blinds and panel fabrics transport the viewer to the seaside, to a meadow of flowers or simply into a stylishly furnished living room, office or bedroom. Primarily through her choice of colours for the “Swedish moments” collection, Therese Danielsson has created a light and cool sense of living, which explores the seemingly familiar anew. A sophisticated theme has emerged that not only expresses the frivolity of a Midsummer celebration and the fragility of snowflakes, it also captures the beauty of summer rain against the window, softly reflecting this into the room. Joy and lightness of heart do not merely end with the design – assembly without drills or screws makes life easier, the room more beautiful and the joy even greater.




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