Day and Night panel fabric

A pleasing play of light and shade – black and white has never looked so beautiful.

These panel curtains let your biorhythm decide when light and dark should be, not the time of day. Slide woven stripes or checks in front of transparent fabric sections to create a stylish and elegant opaque screen. A modern twist on a solar eclipse, every window is given the same royal treatment for beautiful lighting that adapts to your own particular needs.

Transparent, translucent or opaque – quickly and easily altered in just one small movement. Timelessly beautiful, the aluminium rail guides the attached panel fabric – no prima donna, it bestows modern elegance to any interior design. “Day and Night” is two in one: perfect functionality and beautiful design. Despite its linearity, this panel fabric exudes a sensual charm, deftly captivating a room with its play of light.




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