Panel curtain rails

What are panel curtain rails?

Sliding curtains are an attractive alternative to classical curtains. They are used for privacy and sun protection especially in spaces with a modern ambiance. To ensure that the sliding curtain can be moved to the desired position in front of the window quickly and easily, the smooth, floor-length fabric panels are attached to the ceiling using a so-called panel carrier and a rail system. These rail systems are available in aluminium or white. They have a modern, subtle look and leave the centre stage to the panel curtains. In order to layer several layers of fabric and achieve the required privacy protection effect, panel curtain rails are available with up to 5 tracks.

How are panel curtain rails installed?

These rails are directly screwed onto the ceiling. Gardinia offers a complete rail package including mounting elements, panel carriers, etc. Please also take note of our installation instructions. You can directly download all information and documents.