Venetian blinds – adaptable light experts

What are venetian blinds?

Venetian blinds consist of layered slats that are connected via a cord system. This technology ensures that the slats can be tilted using a cord or a rod in order to regulate incident light depending on the time of day and your personal requirements. Venetian blinds are particularly suitable for rooms that require consistent lighting regardless of the position of the sun, such as offices. They are light and privacy protection systems that do not obstruct your view of the outside world completely. Venetian blinds are not ideal for darkening a room entirely, as a little bit of light always leaks through the slats, even when closed.

How do I use venetian blinds?

The slats of venetian blinds can be manipulated using a cord or a turning rod. You can either modify the angle of the slats by turning the rod or pull the blind up entirely to expose the window up to your preferred height. 

How do I clean venetian blinds?

You can wipe the slats with a wet wipe or use the GARDINIA cleaning brush for venetian blinds.

How do I install venetian blinds?

Venetian blinds can be attached to the ceiling or the walls. We recommend clamping the blinds directly to window frame without drilling or screws. If your window has non-standard dimensions, you will find valuable measurement tips in the customisation section. We also offer custom-made venetian blinds. Detailed installation instructions and all important product information are available for direct download in our products section.

Which style is suitable for venetian blinds?

Gardinia venetian blinds are available in aluminium in many different colours and in white plastic. This privacy protection system blends into the overall atmosphere of the room with subtle restraint or provides colourful highlights, depending on the preference of its owner.

Can I order several standard blinds with guaranteed identical colours?

The venetian blinds in our standard catalogue are packaged mechanically. We can only guarantee identical colours for our custom-made range.

Can I order standard venetian blinds with the control system on the left side?

No, this is only possible for custom-made venetian blinds.