The GARDINIA company

GARDINIA is not only a well-known brand, it is also a strong and reliable company with a clear vision: offering stylish outfits with a perfect fit for any window situation. "Good ideas for windows" has been the credo of the company since its foundation in 1950. What sounds simple and looks nice in the end actually requires the daily, dedicated work of approximately 600 employees around the world. The most important ingredients of our sustainable success are not only courage, innovative drive and a sensitive instinct for modern living spaces, but also love and passion. A love for our product, the humans behind the windows, and our partners, without whom we would never have been able to write such a success story. And a great passion for thinking out of the box – both in terms of technology and marketing concepts – and for those beautiful things that make our lives a little bit happier, day by day.

What is special about GARDINIA is its commitment to humans and things. Neither our customers nor our partners will ever feel left alone with our products. Sustainability and reliability are values that need to be re-established constantly to remain honest and genuine. This is why a readiness for delivery, consistent service and the comprehensive availability of our products are not just flowery marketing terms for us. They are aspects of our everyday business, and we practise them on a small and large scale every single day. They allow us to offer innovations like thermal pleated blinds, which are not only beautiful but also energy-efficient. They allow us to design modern collections in stylish colours and patterns, such as our „Zen Silence“ range. They allow us to meet our customers on a level playing field across all distribution channels. And they allow us to create attractive POS presentations and service-focussed product features. The GARDINIA brand leads humans to the light and to the “ideas for windows”. GARDINIA is a reliable partner in all areas. The aura of the brand arises from the soul of the company.


From the idea to the product

GARDINIA masters a vast range of products: from traditional roller blinds to modern pleated blinds and expressive panel blinds in the latest designs. In our view, technical perfection also means that all of our products need to be installed quickly and easily and fit like a made-to-measure item. Even the standard sizes. Top quality does not discriminate. Let light and sunshine into your home.


Living with the light of the sun requires "Good ideas for windows"

Everything started when people build walls around their own little worlds. Thick walls that protected them from the cold, their enemies and prying eyes. Even though these walls belong to a time long past and cultures long gone, a small part of the mentality has remained. The modern art of architecture has long since embarked on a quest to create elegant houses based on modern standards and the personal wishes of their owners. What is left is our eternal yearning for a retreat, where the hectic pace and the eyes of the world only gain admission if we allow them in. Truly feeling at home in your own home is not to be taken for granted. It is the most beautiful side effect of having the courage to transform your ideas into shapes, colours and lights. The relationship between stone and glass determines the open, carefree character of buildings. A construction that seems simple and unpretentious simultaneously needs to demonstrate its power and independence amid the hustle and bustle of its surroundings. A vividly comfortable atmosphere needs light. Sunlight that guides the humans in their houses through the course of the day.


GARDINIA creates beautiful lighting conditions

Rooms with clear lines that are bathed in light require windows. Windows that fulfil their function as architectural elements and lend their rooms the magic of skilful lighting. The technological mission of GARDINIA started with the human desire to design the window, that interface between the indoor and outdoor worlds, as beautifully and functionally as possible – coupled with the simultaneous wish to maintain the greatest possible amount of freedom, to choose freely between transparency and privacy, light and shade, and deliberately manipulate the extent to which the inside and the outside merge, depending on the individual space situation and personal requirements. For GARDINIA, this has always meant: to develop innovative, intelligent solutions that emphasise the living style and poetry of a room. Not only do the two magic phrases of the modern age, “modular designs and mobility”, inspire our designers, they also challenge the imagination of our product designers to combine technological innovation with the spirit of modern living – in style. The result: products that flexibly adapt to any window size, lighting situation and taste.