Individuality is not a luxury, but our service for your home. There are small windows, large windows, or floor-to-ceiling windows. As diverse as the ideas of modern architecture are, the possibilities of using decorative privacy and sun protection to design rooms are just as diverse. Gardinia offers the optimal solution for every window. And so that variety, ideas, and individuality fit every window situation, we manufacture your desired product according to your individual specifications. You can find more information and detailed measuring instructions in our flyer.

Customization GARDINIA Solid Pleated Blinds

Pleated blinds

Pleated blinds regulate the incidence of light and give each room an individual atmosphere. From the gentle morning mood to the evening ambience – pleated blinds offer flexible light control and blend seamlessly into any living or working environment. With a variety of colors and patterns, they bring style and functionality to the window.

Pleated Blinds Solid Collection 1.0

Pleated Blinds Solid Collection 2.0

Pleated blinds / DUETTE® honeycomb pleated blinds

Solid pleated blinds and honeycomb pleated blinds are versatile all-rounders. The pleated blind meets many architectural challenges. Flexible in handling, you decide on dual control (from top and bottom), fabric and color, and valuable additional functions such as thermal insulation and energy efficiency.

For more information, please refer to our video on needs assessment.

Find the Right Fabric and Price

The properties and possibilities of a SOLID fabric are diverse – a layman can quickly lose track. What matters and what distinguishes the individual fabric properties is explained in the following video.

Have you decided on a fabric or do you have several to choose from and want to know what the finished pleated blind will cost in the size you need? Our training manager Tobias Kunze will also explain this to you in the video.

How to Measure Correctly

Before ordering your custom-made privacy or sun protection, it is important to carefully and accurately measure the window so that the pleated blind, roller blind, venetian blind, or vertical blind fits perfectly on the window. The desired mounting method – "in front of the window", "in the recess" or "on the window frame" – determines how the measuring tape is applied and how many cm must be added. In our download area you will find detailed measuring instructions and helpful measuring tips for each privacy system. We manufacture the product you have selected to your exact specifications.

You can also use our video to help you measure and install our SOLID pleated blinds and honeycomb pleated blinds.

Customization GARDINIA Solid Roller Blind

Customization GARDINIA Solid Vertical Blind

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds offer more than just privacy and sun protection. The light and airy fabrics also have a darkening function if needed. The GARDINIA blinds program offers you a wide selection of current designs to decorate your windows with textile flair. The slat widths are available in 89 mm or 127 mm.

Vertical Blind Solid Collection

Customization GARDINIA Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds regulate, direct, and dose light. From the first rays of dawn to the fading embers of twilight, the sun's journey sets the stage for every room. Blinds stand their ground, providing shade or glare-free light. Classic blinds with a slat width of 25 mm blend harmoniously into the kitchen, study, bathroom, bedroom, or living room.

Customization GARDINIA Solid Curtain Technology

Curtain technology

Curtain technology inspired! In places where comfort and aesthetics are equally important, GARDINIA technology offers innovative solutions that enhance living comfort while underlining personal style. It combines functionality with design, creating a harmonious ambience in every room.

Solid Curtain Technology Collection