Tailor-made Gardinia privacy protectors

Individualism is not a luxury: it is our service for your home. Windows come in all shapes and sizes. They may be small or floor length, triangular or angled; maybe you even have porthole-shaped windows at home. The possibilities for decorating rooms with a unique sun and privacy protection system are every bit as versatile as the ideas of modern architecture. Gardinia offers the perfect solution for any type of window. To make sure that our versatility, ideas and individualism match any window situation, we will build your perfect product based on your individual specifications. Do you already know which Gardinia sun protection system you want? Simply send us the exact dimensions of your window or take them to a nearby DIY store.

How to take correct measurements

Before you order your customised privacy or sun protector, it is important that you measure your windows carefully and precisely to ensure that your pleated blinds, roller blinds, venetian blinds or vertical blinds fit your window perfectly. Your preferred installation method – “in front of the window”, “in the recess” or “on top of the frame” – determine how you need to apply the measuring tape and how many centimetres need to be added. Our download section contains detailed measurement instructions and helpful tips for all of our privacy protection systems. We will build your preferred product just for you in accordance with your specifications. Please do not hesitate to contact us or use our retailer search function to find a Gardinia partner near you.

Roller blinds

a true classic in windows. Tailor-made, customised roller blinds made with the individualism and versatility your window design needs. The use of high-quality aluminium profiles and a variety of innovative attachment options guarantee that you will enjoy your product for many years to come.

Download measurement instructions for roller blinds

Venetian blinds

regulate, steer and dispense light. From the first rays of light to its slowly fading afterglow – the path of the sun puts every room into the limelight. Venetian blinds tilt to provide shade or glare-free light. Traditional venetian blinds fit into the kitchen just as well as into the home office, bathroom, bedroom or living room. With a selection of three widths (16 mm, 25 mm or 35 mm) and a large choice of colours, you are sure to find exactly the right model.

Download measurement instructions for venetian blinds

Vertical blinds

have more to offer than just protection from the sun and curious eyes. Their lightweight, airy fabrics also have a dimming function of which you can avail yourself whenever necessary. The Gardinia catalogue of vertical blinds offers you a wide range of modern designs to add a touch of textile style to your windows. They are available with a width of 89 mm or 127 mm.

Download measurement instructions for vertical blinds