Curtain rails

What is a curtain rail?

Curtain rails are the undisputed classic among curtain fasteners. They are attached to the ceiling. Softly flowing fabrics and curtains fall freely and airily, while angle pieces ensure that even curved distances are covered with elegance. Curtain rails are available with one, two or three glider channels. In addition, curtain rails can be combined with attractive laths.

How are curtain rails installed?

Curtain rails are directly screwed onto the ceiling. They visually blend into the wall and remain almost invisible. Round intermediate sections allow for the rail to be guided around corners. Aluminium rails are securely attached to the ceiling using ceiling mounts.

What does it mean if a curtain rail has two rails and a groove?

Curtain rails consist of three rails: the first and second are at a smaller distance to each other and used e.g. for side hangings that are not decorated across their entire width.

Where can I install a curtain rail?

Curtain rails can be attached directly to the ceiling. Using a special bracket, the rail can also be installed on the wall. Please ask trained staff in a DIY store or specialist/interior design shop for the required accessories.