Roller blinds – timeless classics

What are roller blinds?

Roller blinds consist of a smooth fabric panel that is guided across a roller barrel and unrolled whenever required. A rope system and a weight at the hem of the panel maintain the tension of this privacy protection system and prevent it from dangling. Roller blinds are one of the most popular window decorations, not least thanks to its easy operation. They let you be the boss of day and night, not the sun. In addition, Gardinia thermal roller blinds have insulation capacities, which makes them valuable energy conservation tools. 

What are Roman shades and what are double roller blinds?

Double roller blinds are a modern newcomer with a particularly cosy charm. By pulling the side cord of the double roller blind, two fabric layers overlap to modify the transparency of the blind. Despite their modern flair, double roller blinds are very soft, cosy decorative elements that adapt perfectly to any room situation. 

How do you use roller blinds?

Roller blinds are rolled up and down by means of a side cord. The cord can be attached on the left or right side of the roller. A small weight at the end of the cord ensures that it remains straight and in place. The hem of the roller is also reinforced so that the blind firmly and rigidly does its work in front of the window.

How do you install roller blinds?

Roller blinds can be attached to the ceiling or the walls. We recommend the quick and simple installation method without screws, drills or plugs. All Gardinia Easy Fix roller blinds can easily be clamped or glued to the window frame; we guarantee that the removal of the blinds will not leave any visible marks when you leave or re-decorate the apartment. 

How do you clean roller blinds?

Cleaning roller blinds is fast and easy. Every roller should be dusted or brushed on a regular basis. This is usually sufficient. Wet cleaning should only be carried out by an expert or in accordance with professional instructions.

Which style is suitable for roller blinds?

Classic roller blinds are available in many colours and patterns that harmoniously blend into any ambiance. Bright colours provide beautiful highlights, and depending on the room architecture, they make for an excellent eye-catcher by the window. White, cream or other subdued tones stay in the background to support the colour concept of the interior design quietly. Roller blinds are decorative elements without airs and graces, but with functional perfection.

Can I get a custom-made roller blind in my required dimensions?

Yes, we offer a variety of mounting options for this. Please take note of our measurement instructions, which you can download as a PDF here..

Where can I install roller blinds?

See above. We offer different accessories for different installation options.

Can I get an overlong customised roller blind with an uncoated fabric?

Yes, the fabric can be turned around. For patterned roller fabrics, this means that the pattern will be inverted.

Can I get an overlong and overwide customised roller blind with a coated fabric?

Yes, this is possible. Please note, however, that there will be a horizontal seam at a height of 180 cm. The stitching holes are permeable by light and the fabric might bend at the sides.

Can I get a skylight roller blind without a type designation?

Yes, we build these on the basis of the width / height of the window pane, measured at the front edge of the window sash.

Can I change the side from which the roller blind is operated?

For our standard products, the control system can easily be plugged from the right side to the left or vice versa. For custom-made roller blinds, the position of the control system must be specified during the order. Changing sides will not be possible later, as we use specific left or right systems. If you are in doubt, please ask the trained sales staff in a DIY or interior design store.