Vertical blind systems – a modern aesthete for large windows

What is a vertical blind system?

Vertical blinds consist of vertically arranged, opaque textile panels. You can adjust incident light by manipulating the positions of the panels. This modern solution is characterised by a sleek architectural design, which protects even large window fronts elegantly from excessive sun and prying eyes. Each panel is attached individually to a metal rail with its own guide carriage. This mechanism allows for maximum mobility and a perfectly even overlap of the closed panels.

How do I use vertical blinds?

The panels are connected by a chain cord and can be turned using a chain on the left or right side, allowing you to control the amount of light entering the room. Despite their optimal light settings, vertical blinds provide a certain degree of transparency if you wish, ensuring that dining rooms, living rooms and offices remain bright and visually spacious. If required, all panels can be moved to one side using the lateral cord to expose parts or all of the window.

How do I install vertical blinds?

Vertical blinds are attached to the ceiling using a metal rail. A so-called slope hook ensures that vertical privacy protection is suitable even for tilted surfaces. Please take note of our detailed installation instructions and tips on taking precise measurements. You can directly download all information and documents. The instructions also teach you which installation accessories to choose.

Which style is suitable for vertical blinds?

Our extensive collection is characterised by intensely colourful fabrics, attractive designs, fascinating structures and different transparency grades. It also offers functional textiles for privacy, sound and light protection purposes. Vertical blinds are elegant and very sleek. Their light colours direct the light subtly and with noble restraint in any ambiance. Vertical systems provide perfect shade even for large window fronts. Their delicate, clear aesthetics are one of their greatest strengths.

Can I order individual panels?

Yes, from the customisation range, but not from the standard catalogue.

How are colour changes charged?

Colour changes are charged per colour, not per panel.

Where can I install a vertical blind system?

Vertical blinds can be attached to the ceiling using the supplied clips or screwed to the wall using angles.

How can I clean the fabric panels?

The fabric panels can be wiped using a damp cloth or brushed with a soft brush. In the case of heavy soiling, we recommend professional cleaning by a specialist shop.