Roller blinds – timeless classics

Roller blinds consist of a smooth fabric panel that is guided across a roller barrel and unrolled whenever required. A rope system and a weight at the hem of the panel maintain the tension of this privacy protection system and prevent it from dangling. Roller blinds are one of the most popular window decorations, not least thanks to its easy operation. They let you be the boss of day and night, not the sun. In addition, Gardinia thermal roller blinds have insulation capacities, which makes them valuable energy conservation tools. 

Double roller blinds are a modern newcomer with a particularly cosy charm. By pulling the side cord of the double roller blind, two fabric layers overlap to modify the transparency of the blind. Despite their modern flair, double roller blinds are very soft, cosy decorative elements that adapt perfectly to any room situation. 

Roller blinds are rolled up and down by means of a side cord. The cord can be attached on the left or right side of the roller. A small weight at the end of the cord ensures that it remains straight and in place. The hem of the roller is also reinforced so that the blind firmly and rigidly does its work in front of the window.

Roller blinds can be attached to the ceiling or the walls. We recommend the quick and simple installation method without screws, drills or plugs. All Gardinia Easy Fix roller blinds can easily be clamped or glued to the window frame; we guarantee that the removal of the blinds will not leave any visible marks when you leave or re-decorate the apartment. 

Cleaning roller blinds is fast and easy. Every roller should be dusted or brushed on a regular basis. This is usually sufficient. Wet cleaning should only be carried out by an expert or in accordance with professional instructions.

Classic roller blinds are available in many colours and patterns that harmoniously blend into any ambiance. Bright colours provide beautiful highlights, and depending on the room architecture, they make for an excellent eye-catcher by the window. White, cream or other subdued tones stay in the background to support the colour concept of the interior design quietly. Roller blinds are decorative elements without airs and graces, but with functional perfection.

Yes, we offer a variety of mounting options for this. Please take note of our measurement instructions, which you can download as a PDF here

See above. We offer different accessories for different installation options.

Yes, the fabric can be turned around. For patterned roller fabrics, this means that the pattern will be inverted.

Yes, this is possible. Please note, however, that there will be a horizontal seam at a height of 180 cm. The stitching holes are permeable by light and the fabric might bend at the sides.

For our standard products, the control system can easily be plugged from the right side to the left or vice versa. For custom-made roller blinds, the position of the control system must be specified during the order. Changing sides will not be possible later, as we use specific left or right systems. If you are in doubt, please ask the trained sales staff in a DIY or interior design store.

Venetian blinds – adaptable light experts

Venetian blinds consist of layered slats that are connected via a cord system. This technology ensures that the slats can be tilted using a cord or a rod in order to regulate incident light depending on the time of day and your personal requirements. Venetian blinds are particularly suitable for rooms that require consistent lighting regardless of the position of the sun, such as offices. They are light and privacy protection systems that do not obstruct your view of the outside world completely. Venetian blinds are not ideal for darkening a room entirely, as a little bit of light always leaks through the slats, even when closed.

The slats of venetian blinds can be manipulated using a cord or a turning rod. You can either modify the angle of the slats by turning the rod or pull the blind up entirely to expose the window up to your preferred height. 

You can wipe the slats with a wet wipe or use the GARDINIA cleaning brush for venetian blinds.

Venetian blinds can be attached to the ceiling or the walls. We recommend clamping the blinds directly to window frame without drilling or screws. If your window has non-standard dimensions, you will find valuable measurement tips in the customisation section. We also offer custom-made venetian blinds. Detailed installation instructions and all important product information are available for direct download in our products section.

Gardinia venetian blinds are available in aluminium in many different colours and in white plastic. This privacy protection system blends into the overall atmosphere of the room with subtle restraint or provides colourful highlights, depending on the preference of its owner.

The venetian blinds in our standard catalogue are packaged mechanically. We can only guarantee identical colours for our custom-made range.

No, this is only possible for custom-made venetian blinds.

Pleated blinds: an all-rounder in style and problem-solving

Pleated blinds are folding blinds that cover the window either entirely or partially, depending on how far the folds are stretched or compressed. Thanks to their flexible control system, pleated blinds can either be compressed vertically or horizontally, towards either side or towards the middle. This privacy protector fits perfectly and stably in front of the window, offering a maximum of flexibility in controlling incident light over the course of the day.

Pleated blinds are normally moved up or down using a control rail. This compresses the folds into a decorative little package. 

Pleated blinds can be screwed, glued or clamped to the window. This type of protection system can be installed free-hanging or braced. Braced pleated blinds can be operated from above or below, allowing you to respond to changing lighting throughout the day. If your window has non-standard dimensions, you will find valuable measurement tips in the customisation section.

Pleated blinds can be wiped with a damp cloth or brushed. Some custom pleated blinds can be cleaned by bathing them gently in a tub with lukewarm water and a mild detergent. Rinse the blinds well and put them up damp. Make sure that the fabric package remains slightly opened to ensure that the fold so not stick together. Please open regularly. Please note that this cleaning method might dissolve the anti-stain layer of the fabric, which could cause it to become stained again faster. Never clean darkening materials in the tub; instead, wipe them with a damp cloth or brush them to protect the coating.

This depends on effort. Please talk to the staff at your local DIY store or specialist shop.

This depends on effort. Please talk to the staff at your local DIY store or specialist shop.

Yes, we offer a variety of mounting options for this. Please take note of our measurement instructions, which you can download as a PDF here​​​​​​​. 

Yes, the honeycomb pleated blinds in our standard range and the DUETTE® pleated blinds in our customisation range allow you to save considerable amounts of energy. In the summer, the air chambers function as a heat protector, in the winter, they provide insulation and ensure that no heat energy can escape through the windows. Find out more on our partner website

Vertical blind systems – a modern aesthete for large windows

Vertical blinds consist of vertically arranged, opaque textile panels. You can adjust incident light by manipulating the positions of the panels. This modern solution is characterised by a sleek architectural design, which protects even large window fronts elegantly from excessive sun and prying eyes. Each panel is attached individually to a metal rail with its own guide carriage. This mechanism allows for maximum mobility and a perfectly even overlap of the closed panels.

The panels are connected by a chain cord and can be turned using a chain on the left or right side, allowing you to control the amount of light entering the room. Despite their optimal light settings, vertical blinds provide a certain degree of transparency if you wish, ensuring that dining rooms, living rooms and offices remain bright and visually spacious. If required, all panels can be moved to one side using the lateral cord to expose parts or all of the window.

Vertical blinds are attached to the ceiling using a metal rail. A so-called slope hook ensures that vertical privacy protection is suitable even for tilted surfaces. Please take note of our detailed installation instructions and tips on taking precise measurements. You can directly download all information and documents. The instructions also teach you which installation accessories to choose.

Our extensive collection is characterised by intensely colourful fabrics, attractive designs, fascinating structures and different transparency grades. It also offers functional textiles for privacy, sound and light protection purposes. Vertical blinds are elegant and very sleek. Their light colours direct the light subtly and with noble restraint in any ambiance. Vertical systems provide perfect shade even for large window fronts. Their delicate, clear aesthetics are one of their greatest strengths.

Yes, from the customisation range, but not from the standard catalogue.

Colour changes are charged per colour, not per panel.

Vertical blinds can be attached to the ceiling using the supplied clips or screwed to the wall using angles.

The fabric panels can be wiped using a damp cloth or brushed with a soft brush. In the case of heavy soiling, we recommend professional cleaning by a specialist shop.