An idea is only ever as good as its realisation.

Sliding panels and curtains, pleats and roller blinds, vertical and venetian blinds: there are many ways of designing a window with a decorative privacy protection system. But only one will suit you perfectly. Your wish for sunlight and an unobstructed view is our command, and we will execute it with the help of our seamless programme and our endless passion. Gardinia offers not only modern products in the latest designs for any interior style, but also technically brilliant solutions for all window and room situations.

Galerii și accesorii

Large, cool glass panels require soft fabrics, light and a stylish application. This may have been the initial inspiration for combining windows with textile decorations in interior design. For many years, the Gardinia curtain technology has been realising this concept with aesthetically beautiful and technically sophisticated solutions, ensuring that fabrics can fulfil their full design potential. 

Sun and privacy protection

Every home should be a cheerful, relaxing retreat, where the stresses and hectic pace of everyday life are forgotten within the blink of an eye. Of course, your comfort depends on the season – but you do not need to leave everything up to the sun. It is entirely up to you whether the first rays of the sun get to wake you up, whether an unobstructed view of the blue afternoon sky gets to breathe new life into your work day, or whether you favourite attic reading nook will be bathed in sunlight. There is a beautiful solution for anything, and more than just a good idea is available for any window.